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Student sells first spot in iPad 2 line for $900

What some will do to be the first person to buy an Apple product is nothing short of amazing. Back in summer of 2010, it was rumored that spots in iPhone 4 lines were going for $1,000 and above. And while this time no one has yet to reach that mark, they've gotten pretty close.

Amanda Foote, who attends Manhattan Community College, claims that as a student she's a little low on cash and figured out an easy way to make money. She had heard of the aforementioned iPhone 4 articles and decided she would get in line early for the elusive iPad 2 with all intentions of selling her spot to the highest bidder. She took to the flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store Wednesday, March 9th, at 5pm EST and... well, just waited it out.

After about an hour of waiting, Foote received offers hitting about $600, she tells Mashable. The person she ended up selling her spot to, however, was app developer Hazem Sayed who said he wanted an iPad 2 before going off on a business trip Friday evening. The price? A cool $900.

Foote called the day and a half she waited outside the Apple Store "worth it" in a video, even after enduring rain, having a stranger rummage through her box of doughnuts, and only getting about three hours of sleep. After all, for waiting 41 hours on a sidewalk, she did leave with making more than $20 an hour.

Foote has big plans with her cash prize: she says she will spend it on Lady GaGa tickets.

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