Surface Mini to use a Qualcomm processor

Earlier today, we started to peel back the cover on the Surface Mini by posting a few of the specs and its June release date. But, as we started to share on our Twitter feed, there appears to be a lot more in store for the press event.

For starters, Dina Bass was able to dig around and find out that Qualcomm will be powering the device instead of Nvidia chips, like the Surface and Surface 2. This isn’t a major surprise to those who have been following the rumor mill, as Qualcomm was mentioned around the time of the Surface 2, but seeing as the Mini never made its debut, the Qualcomm story faded into the background.

But here we are, two weeks away from the announcement, and it appears that Qualcomm, with its Snapdragon CPUs, will be pushing the 1s and 0s that are under the hood of the Mini tablet.

At the rate that information is surfacing (pun!), the two weeks leading up to the event appears to be filled with tidbits about what to expect at the announcement. If you are the one who hates to have surprises ruined (definitely don’t read this post), it might be best to stay away from the blogs, as the fun is only getting started.

The Surface event will include more devices than the Mini, and we are still digging around but will have more information about what to expect on this front soon.

Source Bloomberg

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