TechSpot: Dragon Age II GPU & CPU Performance Test

Fans of the original game are no doubt excited about the recent release of Dragon Age II. A spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series, Dragon Age: Origins was the first game of its franchise. Unlike many others, BioWare was wildly successful in bringing this role-playing game to realization as a true multi-platform endeavor, spanning releases on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac, and of course, the PC.

Given our ability to fit out PCs with vastly superior hardware, it pays off when playing Dragon Age II. Right off the bat BioWare released a free high-resolution texture pack download designed exclusively for the PC version. Just as important, the game exclusively supports DirectX 11 on the PC providing cutting edge rendering features such as tessellation, additional dynamic lighting, depth of field and ambient occlusion (SSAO). When compared to DX9 mode, Dragon Age II looks considerably better using the more advanced renderer.

With this in mind, TechSpot has solely focused on DirectX 11 performance testing over a dozen graphics cards capable of rendering Dragon Age II on all its visual glory. In addition they have tested a range of CPUs to see what kind of processor gamers are going to require to take full advantage of Dragon Age II.

Read: Dragon Age II GPU & CPU Performance Test

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