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The Terminator: Survivors game from Nacon will arrive in Early Access on October 24

terminator survivors

The Terminator franchise has had its ups and downs when it comes to video game adaptations. A few years ago, developer Teyon released its first-person shooter Terminator: Resistance. It was actually a pretty decent game that showed the team also knew their movie lore. Teyon went on to make an even better 1980s sci-fi action movie-based FPS, Robocop: Rogue City.

Today, as part of its Nacon Connect event, the publisher officially announced Terminator: Survivors. Nacon previously revealed that it was working on a Terminator survival game back in July 2022, but today we got some real details about the title which is being developed by Nacon Studio Milan.

The game itself will take place four years after "Judgement Day" the day that Skynet decided to take over the nuclear missiles of the world and used them to almost completely wipe out humanity. Four years later, the remaining humans must fight in an open world against the Skynet run Terminators.

We got a cinematic teaser trailer from Nacon, but unfortunately, no screenshots or gameplay trailers have been released yet. The game's Steam listing claims that Terminator: Suvivors will include both new characters as well as ones from the first two Terminator movies for players to encounter.

Here are some more pf ther game's features:

  • Explore the open world to discover the key materials and survivors you need to advance your home base, but never forget: The fearsome and deadly Terminator is out there, hunting you, and a constant threat.
  • Learn more about what happened on Judgment Day in an unexplored storyline and try to change humanity’s fate.
  • Grow the remnants of humanity at a home base you’ll use to establish a new foothold for humanity and stand tall against the machine threat alone or in co-op with up to three friends.
  • While you’ll be armed to attack up close and at range, stealth and caution may be more intelligent approaches with Skynet’s machines and scavengers lurking.

The game will enter early access on Steam on October 24, around the time of the 40th anniversary of the first Terminator movie. The game will make its debut on consoles sometime later.

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