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Time Warner Cable to kill off Road Runner Internet branding

In the classic Chuck Jones-directed cartoon shorts, Wile E. Coyote was never able to catch and eat that Road Runner, no matter how many gadgets he bought from the Acme catalog. Now Time Warner Cable will apparently succeed where Wile E. could not. DSLReports.com claims that starting on May 19th, Time Warner Cable will remove the Road Runner branding for its broadband Internet service.

It certainly was a colorful and appropriate moniker when Time Warner Cable first introduced Road Runner as the name of its fast Internet service. Time Warner Cable was once a subsidiary of Time Warner, the creators and rights owners to all those great Warner Bros. animated cartoon films and characters, including the Road Runner.

However, Time Warner Cable was spun off into a stand alone company in 2009 and it's likely that Time Warner Cable would have to buy the rights from Time Warner in order that it continue to use both the Road Runner name and its logo.

The story claims that Time Warner Cable will simply use the name "Internet" as its new brand for its broadband service. In addition, the company's Road Runner Home Networking service will get the new name Time Warner Wi-Fi.

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