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Ubisoft's Watch Dogs will be free to claim for a week starting tomorrow

Ubisoft's open-world action title Watch Dogs 2 launched around this time last year, but instead of a new game, the publisher is giving away the original Watch Dogs from 2014 for free this year. The offer will go online tomorrow, and will only be available for PC players.

Watch Dogs takes place in Chicago and puts us in the shoes of Aiden Pierce, a hacker vigilante who has access to almost all electronically controlled devices in the city. Players can hack into and control various systems such as traffic lights, phones of NPCs, road bollards for crashing pursuers, and even cause city-wide blackouts.

While the game's main storyline was deemed forgettable by many, its hacking based gameplay mechanics as well as the multiplayer modes, where players can invade sessions of others without notifying them, were praised by critics.

Watch Dogs will be completely free to claim for a week starting tomorrow, November 7 at 4pm UTC to November 13. The only requirement for the giveaway is a Uplay account, and the official page for claiming the game can be found here. Note that while the link says free trial, anyone claiming the game during the specified time will get to keep the game in their Uplay library forever.

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