UMPC Display Emulator Beta

The UMPC Display Emulator Beta application enables you to test your application's layout and screen behavior as it appears on an ultra-mobile PC (UMPC). Use the UMPC Display Emulator to confirm that your program is legible, accessible, and provides a great user experience when running on an ultra-mobile PC.

The UMPC Display Emulator is easy to use; however, it is not a hardware emulator or virtualized operating system. The UMPC Display Emulator is a developer tool intended to provide a quick and easy way to check screen layout and behavior at screen resolution of a UMPC. The UMPC Display Emulator sets your screen to the resolution of an ultra-mobile PC (800 × 480), while leaving your monitor's physical resolution at its current setting. Essentially, the tool shows how your program, which is designed for a standard graphic user interface (GUI), appears in the typical resolution of an ultra-mobile PC.

Note: Because the ultra-mobile PC runs Microsoft Windows XP, it isn't necessary to run a different operating system in the emulator-it's still your desktop or laptop computer that is running; nothing is different, including the development APIs.

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