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University ID support added to Samsung Wallet

Student ID on Samsung Wallet

Samsung Wallet users in the United States (US) can add university IDs so they don’t have to be kept on their person and risk getting lost. Samsung has added ID support for 68 colleges, universities, and higher education institutes across the US.

Some of the centers of learning with ID that support Samsung Wallet include Penn State, the University of Florida, Central Michigan University, the University of North Alabama, and the Stevens Institute of Technology. As you can probably guess, you’ll need a Galaxy smartphone to use Samsung Wallet.

Commenting on the news, Jude Buckley, executive vice president of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics America, said:

‘We’re always looking to innovate and improve the Galaxy experience for every kind of user. Technology plays a big part in today’s college experience, and with student ID for Samsung Wallet, we created a way for students to use the technology they already have on hand to simplify their busy lives.’

By adding their university ID to Samsung Wallet, students will be able to unlock the doors to dorm rooms and academic buildings. Some learning institutions will also allow students to use Samsung Wallet to make NFC-based payments at on-campus stores, vending machines, and more.

Samsung Wallet has some cool features that students will be able to use called Fast Mode and Power Reserve. Fast Mode lets students tap their phone without having to unlock their phone and Power Reserve lets students tap to use their ID even when the phone is switching off due to low battery.

Explaining how Power Reserve works, Samsung said:

‘Fast Mode and Power Reserve are made possible because Student ID information stored on Samsung Wallet is kept in an isolated environment on the device itself — known as the embedded Secure Element — which offers one of the highest levels of hardware security in mobile category with a CC EAL6+ rating to help protect against digital and physical hacking.’

At the end of the announcement, Samsung also reminded us that its next Unpacked is July 26. You can read more here.

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