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What is The Link? Samsung teases a monitor that can connect with others without cables

the link

What is "The Link"? That's a question that members of the press likely had after Samsung mysteriously offered a teaser reveal at CES 2024 of a new monitor designed to connect wirelessly with other monitors of the same type.

While no one in the press has actually seen The Link, the organizers at CES 2024 have already awarded the monitor one of its Innovation Awards. The award came with a brief description and a render.

Samsung's description stated The Link was a 32-inch 4K LED monitor that would be the "thinnest and lightest" monitor ever made. More importantly, the company claims The Link will be able to, well, link up with other monitors of the same model. Samsung added that it would use "Daisy-Chains and POGO pins" so owners can create the "perfect" multi-monitor setup. The monitor would also include high-end visual and audio specs and smart features.

The award description also came with an art piece showing The Link, which shows the monitor with a thin base on the bottom. However, it's very basic, so the actual monitor might look much different.

Interestingly, Digital Trends reports that after Samsung sent out that description for its CES award, the company made some changes to that initial reveal. The Link is now just "super-thin" rather than the "thinnest and lightness" monitor, and it also ditched the "Daisy-Chains and POGO pins" feature. Samsung is now saying The Link connects with others "without a separate cable."

That's really all we know about The Link so far. Samsung has not revealed when, or even if, it will be released to the public, nor is there a price point. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for more concrete specs and info on this product.

Samsung did actually show off a transparent MicroLED display at its CES 2024 event. It also demoed a gaming monitor that could switch from 2D to 3D without the need for special glasses. Neither product has a release date or price point yet.

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