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Windows 11 22H2 apparently causing problems on Nvidia graphics cards [Update]

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As reports had suggested, Microsoft released Windows 11 version 22H2 to the general availability channel on September 20. You can read all about the new exciting stuff in these articles here. A few days before that, some users received the 2022 feature update early with new devices. The machines were shipping with build 22621.521 (KB5017321) which was indeed the 22H2 update as confirmed later by Microsoft.

However, like it's usually the case, the new update is not without its issues though. Last night, we reported about a problem related to updating to this new feature update. The update process is failing for many with the error code "0x800f0806". Luckily, there are a couple of fixes available that we have outlined in this article.

For those that have managed to update, there are other problems for users who have Nvidia graphics cards in their systems. There are reports of unstable framerates and stuttering, and lower than typical CPU usage in games. Users across Reddit and Microsoft forums have echoed similar sentiments. Reddit user ChoPT says the issues were present in insider builds too. They write:

I was having serious performance hitches, both on the desktop and especially in gaming (this completely broke gsync as well). Drops to ~30fps randomly from ~120, in non-graphically intense tests. Screen tearing like crazy. I have a VERY powerful system (12700k, 3080 Ti, DDR5 ram), so it's not a hardware issue, and I tried turning all the new graphics settings off as well, so it wasn't that either.

[..] I'm a pretty big gamer, so this is unfortunately a deal-breaker until it can be fixed. But the performance issues on the desktop also just made everything feel a bit sluggish. These same problems were present in the insider build I tried months ago, and I am very disappointed they are still present at release.

Rolled back, and all the problems went away.

Another user Nahett77 says their CPU usage dropped from around 80% down to just around 5%:

I have been experiencing insane stuttering in games. My CPU usage in games have dropped down significantly, in some from 80% to 5%. Just went back to the last update and my in game experience is much better.

Fortunately for those experiencing such problems, Nvidia has confirmed that it is looking into the matter. Manuel Guzman, Software QA at the company has requested for more feedback from the affected users on the Reddit thread. In case you are reading the article and are facing similar issues, you can provide feedback to Nvidia using this form.

Source: Reddit (1, 2, 3), Microsoft forum via How-To Geek

Edit: Updated with quotes from users experiencing the issues for additional context.

Update: Nvidia has confirmed that the problems were caused by Windows 11 22H2. According to the company, the latest Windows 11 feature update has added new graphics debugging tools which are accidentally getting triggered causing the weird performance issues.

Nvidia's Manuel Guzman provided the following statement on the GeForce forum:

Thank you for your feedback. Windows 11 22H2 added new graphics debugging tools which are inadvertently getting triggered and this is leading to some users to see lower performance in games. We are working on a fix.

Update 2: The fix is now available in the form of a new GeForce Experience update.

Update 3: Nvidia has now made the fix available via the latest driver update too.

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