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You can now set up Amazon's palm recognition tech using your phone

Amazon One palm recognition technology

Amazon has launched a new app for Android and iOS to cut down the steps required to sign up for its palm recognition service, Amazon One. Instead of going to a physical location, you can set up the service from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Amazon explained in a press release that you can use the Amazon One app to create an online profile, take a photo of your palm, and add your payment details. The system will automatically recognize your identity when you hover your palm at Amazon locations, Whole Foods Stores, or anywhere else its palm-recognition technology is deployed, such as stadiums, airports, and fitness centers.

Amazon One works by analyzing your palm and underlying vein structure to create a palm signature - a "unique numerical, vector representation." The company explained that the app uses generative AI to match your phone camera photo with the infrared images from an Amazon One device, adding that the system can deliver 99.999% accuracy when comparing the respective vector representations.

When a customer who signed up for Amazon One via the app hovers their palm over an Amazon One device the first time, our AI system is able to compare and match the palm and vein imagery captured by the Amazon One device with their camera phone photo, and only at this time is enrollment considered complete.

Biometric technology has been used over 8 million times, and about 80% of the shoppers who use it at Amazon's retail locations are repeat users. It can be used for payments, age verification, entry, and redeeming loyalty points.

Amazon One is available to download on Google Play and App Store. The palm images captured by the Amazon One app are stored in the AWS cloud in encrypted form and can't be saved to your device, Amazon said.

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