Start11 1.36 is out with improved WindowsBlinds 11 compatibility and tons of fixes

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Start11 1.36 is now available in the stable channel for all users. Although the update does not provide new features, it offers a massive list of various fixes, minor improvements, and enhancements. Besides, those using Start11 in conjunction with WindowsBlinds 11 will be glad to know that the latest release improves compatibility between the two apps and provides a more consistent experience.

Another notable change in Start11 1.36 are improvements to the startup process, which should fix visual glitches after a system reboot, and tweaks for various UI elements when using Windows 11 in light or dark mode.

Here is the full Start11 1.36 changelog:

  • Fixed an issue with OS MinWidth entry for taskbar having bad data causing very small taskbar buttons.

  • Fixed a crash possibility for Windows 10 style when dragging an icon from the left to the right if no groups to place it in existed.

  • Further WB compatibility tweaks:

    • Fix when the skin not working correctly with the Win10/Win11 styles when not offset from the taskbar.

    • Fixes issues with WB skins with animated start menus.

    • Fixes an off-by-1 clipping issue on custom images for shortcuts when in Win10 style.

    • Fixes two-row taskbar with WB not being right on Win11.

  • Fix for taskbar having a solid background when a WB theme is in use when using a theme that does not use taskbar blur noted here.

  • Compatibility fixes for WindowBlinds 11.

  • Addressed remaining conditions where taskbar thumbnail images could be misaligned.

  • Resolved an issue with the taskbar not being able to be resized on 22H2 sometimes.

  • Resolved an issue with small taskbar and the system tray icons being cut to one row vs two on 22H2 when using enhanced taskbar with a one-row taskbar.

  • Optimized Start11 startup.

  • Resolved an issue with the system tray icons on 22H2 in rare circumstances not repainting the background under them / under the network+sound icons.

  • Resolved an issue with dragging taskbar buttons where if you left the taskbar area. then it would jump between insertion points and not allow any drag to be successful.

  • Fixes resource leak found when using with WB11 and this.

  • Tweaked engage Cortana mode to resolve a potential issue with it not always engaging if you opened Cortana just before the start menu
  • Changed Win11 menu so if you disable Start11 search the search field will disappear by default but will respect the option to show/hide the field too
  • Tweak for Search mode in Win7 skins to be light mode
  • Change to Start11 running to hopefully workaround some PowerShell issues on shutdown for some users in edge cases.
  • This change will potentially impact support for third-party apps which can launch Start11 such as DisplayFusion. It should detect this correctly but if not adding a registry key of type string with value "1" called AllowThirdPartyTaskbars to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8 should revert to the old system.
  • Fixed issue with recolored start menu textures using OS accent color not refreshing on color change
  • Icon overflow (hidden icons) with new Win11 taskbar (insider dev/beta) now shows correctly when the taskbar is at the top of the screen.
  • Added support for setting the taskbar button size (unless there is insufficient room) when allowing Start11 to enhance the taskbar via the OS regkey MinWidth stored at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics Unlike on Win10, this will scale for dpi correctly allowing consistency over multiple monitors with different scale factors.
  • Tweaked sign-out / shutdown menus when in Dark taskbar mode to use a dark menu rather than light.
  • Tweak to resolve an issue with the line on the taskbar in 22H2 being too transparent when in dark mode
  • Tweaked default taskbar transparency on Win11 22H2 when in dark mode as slightly too solid by default
  • Resolved crash changing custom icon for a tile in Win10 menu (or custom image on Win11 menu) if you move the mouse over the menu whilst picking
  • Fixed an issue with excessive titlebar caption changes in apps triggering excessive refreshes of the taskbar causing a lag issue on the taskbar with enhanced taskbar enabled.
  • Resolved crash issue when searching for more than 31 chars in a single word
  • Dragging two or more items into a Win11 group in the menu no longer causes a resort to put the newest one to the far left
  • Resolved issue with progress bars on combined taskbar buttons not always showing correctly
  • Resolved issue with some pinned shortcuts (imported from the OS menu) not showing the jump lists on right-click in Win10/11 menu mode
  • Resolved issue with being unable to pin steam apps to win7/modern menu from search
  • Taskbar search mini preview should reposition itself correctly after a brief pause on the initial show when using centered taskbar mode on 22H2
  • WB skins should now support blur on the background of the startmenu (Win7/modern). May require WB 11 beta 2
  • Win10/11 style all programs list now respects icon set for folders vs using a default icon
  • Taskbar thumbnail popup window will no longer go partially offscreen with a very large number of windows owned by a single app when using enhanced taskbar on Windows 11
  • Tweak to thumbnail popup window positioning when in center mode with enhanced taskbar
  • Resolved issue with not being able to right-click on the first 50 pixels of the taskbar when in center mode with enhanced taskbar in Win11
  • Fixed issue with double animation with WFX start menu animations enabled (To use you MUST disable the Start11 animation in Start11 first)

You can download Start11 1.36 from your Stardock account or by heading to the "About" section within the application. The update is free for all existing customers, and newcomers can purchase Start11 for $5.99 on the official website or Steam (there is a free 30-day trial). Also, the app is available as a part of the Object Desktop bundle that includes programs such as Fences, Start10, Groupy, SoundPackager, DeskScapes, and Multiplicity.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship with Stardock

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