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AMD Ryzen 7000 and Socket AM5 alleged BIOS issues pushed availability date back

AMD Ryzen 7000 processor render

At the Computex 2022 event in May, AMD revealed more details on its upcoming Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 series CPUs as well as Socket AM5 (LGA1718) motherboards. However, concrete information on launch and availability dates were not given away at that time.

A month later in June, a leak revealed that the company was planning for a big event on September 15 and their date was backed up by what appeared to be photos showing preparations for a big launch. Although at that moment, it was not clear if the September 15 date was actually the availability date or the announcement date for the Ryzen 7000.

Fast-forward to early August, and we had a new report that said the actual announcement of the products will be happening at the end of the month on August 29th, and this has now been confirmed by AMD itself.

And although there wasn't a mention of the September 15 availability date in AMD's own press release, reports suggest that the products themselves will be available to purchase starting on that day.

If you are wondering why there could be a near-three week difference between the announcement and the retail availability, according to a reviewer, the company was forced to push this back since it is having certain firmware related problems. The person posted this on the Chiphell forums and said that the embargo or NDA had to re-signed due to the purported delay.

Alleged firmware problems are plaguing Ryzen 7000 and Socket AM5

While there is no confirmation of this, firmware issues are not uncommon on new CPU launches, especially one of this scale where AMD is moving to an all new socket. AM5 which will bring new features like DDR5, PCIe 5.0, and more.

Source: nApoleon (Chiphell forum) via VideoCardz

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