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Apple expects to ship 5-6 million CDMA iPhones in Q1 2011

Digitimes has an off and on record of predicting Apple rumors but typically their information is in the ballpark, but it is not always perfect. Going on that disclaimer, they are reporting that their sources within the iPhone supply chain have indicated that Apple has updated it shipment expectations for 2011 Q1 from 19 million to 20-21 million units for the same time period.

Also being reported is that Apple expects the ship between 5-6 million iPhones for the CDMA market, which most likely ties to the impending release on Verizon. The Q1 shipments for the WCMDA (AT&T / World model) is targeted at 14-15 million units which makes for a combined total of 20-21 million units shipped for the quarter.

Other numbers of interest are that Apple has reportedly shipped and estimated 15.5 million iPhones in Q4 which results in a total of 47 million units shipped for 2010.

With an estimated 15.5 million units shipped for Q4, it's clear that "antennagate" has had little influence on the sales of Apple's iPhone. It also goes to show that Apple is expecting wide adoption rate on its impending CDMA launch, but the bigger question still remains, will it have LTE?


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