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Apple-silicon powered Mac Pro could come out soon, says Apple VP of Marketing

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Apple's Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Bob Borchers recently revealed that an Apple-silicon powered Mac Pro could be launched soon. This will complete the company's transition from Intel-based chips to in-house silicon powered devices across the line.

In an interview with India Today, Borchers said:

"We have a clear goal to transition fully to Apple Silicone. We believe strongly that Apple silicon can power and transform experiences from the MacBook Air to all the way up to the Mac Studio. We've been very clear from the beginning that our goal is to take our entire product line to Apple Silicon. And that's something we intend to do."

Apple first announced this transition in the WWDC 2020 keynote. Apple was already using powerful and efficiently designed chips on the iPhone and iPad for many years, and the chips are known to be energy efficient and powerful from a long time.

Borchers added:

"I think for the longest time, the broader industry was focused on performance, and we've introduced this idea that you need to think about how you can do that efficiently. And part of that focus on performance per watt has allowed us and kind of pushed us to integrate some core technologies into silicon so we can deliver them as efficiently as possible."

The Mac Pro will be the final in the line of Apple products to be transitioned to Apple Silicon. According to Borchers, Apple has a district advantage over its competitors, where processors and other components are made by different companies. He added that Apple's approach to developing its own silicon chips is focused solely on meeting the needs of its customers, without any consideration for other potential buyers. This strategy allows Apple to avoid dedicating valuable silicon space to unnecessary features and instead prioritize delivering meaningful benefits to its customers.

Despite that, Apple still has a few things ahead to take care of. Borchers acknowledged that some of its devices, like the Apple Watch, requires further efficiency gains - particularly in terms of battery life. He further explained that finding a solution to this challenge is a complex process, and that the company is still exploring various options, including faster charging. Apple is also considering ways to balance real-time health and body tracking features such as heart alerts and fall detection, with the need of extended battery life.

At the end of the day, Borchers says that Apple prioritizes the overall product package instead of individual chipsets. Apple's upcoming products will undoubtedly be powered by Apple Silicon, and will definitely be more efficient and powerful than their predecessors, if not than their Intel counterparts already.

Source: India Today

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