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Bizarre Microsoft Outlook glitch takes you back to the depressing 1930

Microsoft Outlook Bug

It's fair to say Microsoft hasn't had the best record when it comes to keeping up with times. From the infamous Y2K or the Millennium bug, to the more recent Y2K22 Exchange server glitch and daylight savings time (DST) issue.

Eitan Caspi, a LinkedIn user, recently found a similar bug in Microsoft's Outlook wherein a glitch in the "Go To Date" option takes users back to 1930. This behaviour has made Caspi humorously call this glitch "Future to the back".

In their post, the steps to replicate the bug have been given:

  1. Verify you use the latest Outlook 365 (may be relevant to other versions as well, I didn't try)
  2. Go to the Calendar section
  3. Use the keyboard combination of "CTRL+G" (Go To Date)
  4. I use a date format of dd/mm/yy, so I typed 31.12.29 (or 31/12/29, . or / will do the same). Please do the same and submit. You will be transferred to the the last day of December 2029, cool, that's fine. It is just for reference
  5. Now do almost the same, but this time type the next day of the day from above - type 1.1.30 and submit. POW…! You are now at the first day of January 1930…

Basically, the Go To Date option seems to be working only till 2029, and trying to navigate to 2030 takes us back a 100 years to 1930.

Via: The Register

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