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Crytek denies getting access to next gen Microsoft game console

Earlier this week rumors hit the Internet that game developer Crytek had gotten access to an early hardware build for Microsoft's next generation game console. The report, which was first posted on Videogamer.com via unnamed sources, claimed that the developer was making the upcoming (and so far unannounced) first person shooter sequel Timesplitters 4 as a launch title for Microsoft's next console which might debut at E3 2012 next year.

Now GameSpot is reporting that it has received an official statement from Crytek which the developer states it does  "not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft". It also claims that it has no idea about when Microsoft might announced its next generation console. However it does state that its CryEngine 3 game development tools, which debut last March with the release of its sci-fi shooter Crysis 2, will be a "next generation engine for all consoles." It also promises that the long awaited DirectX 11 patch for PC owners of Crysis 2 will be released "shortly" but no specific release date was announced.

Oddly, the official statement from Crytek didn't mention anything about Videogamer.com's rumors about Timesplitters 4 being in development. Crytek bought the rights to the console shooter franchise when it absorbed the game's original creators Free Radical Design in the UK. Crytek currently has two announced games in development. One is the Roman Empire-themed action game Ryse for the Xbox 360 console. The other is Warface, a free-to-play modern day themed shooter that's being developed by Crytek's Korea division.

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