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Google makes GitHub Copilot rival, Duet AI and Gemini Pro generally available

Duet AI for developer is available

Google has announced the general availability of Duet AI for Developers and Gemini Pro, its AI-powered code completion and generation tool. The new version of Duet AI includes support for datasets from 25 partner companies to help developers with tasks such as building applications for specific platforms.

Duet AI can now leverage data from partners such as Confluent, HashiCorp and MongoDB to help write code for their platforms. Google says it will integrate documentation and knowledge from Datadog, JetBrains and Langchain to help with activities such as test automation, problem resolution and vulnerability remediation.

Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations are the first two Duet AI in Google Cloud offerings to go GA, with more planned for early next year, including Duet AI in BigQuery, Looker, our database products, Apigee, and Colab Enterprise.

The company is positioning Duet AI as an "enterprise-grade product with access controls and indemnification for production use." It believes these AI tools complement, rather than replace, coding skills by increasing productivity. According to Google, early adopter Turing reported a 33% increase in revenue after implementing Duet AI.

Developers will have free access to experiment with Gemini Pro through Google AI Studio. The free tier of AI Studio provides up to 60 API requests per minute, which Google says is sufficient for most app development needs.

Google AI Studio

The tool currently supports over 20 languages and includes capabilities for log summarization, error explanation and automated test generation.

Google AI Studio is a free, web-based developer tool that enables you to quickly develop prompts and then get an API key to use in your app development... When you’re ready, you can simply click on “Get code” to transfer your work to your IDE of choice, or use one of the quickstart templates available in Android Studio, Colab or Project IDX.

Vertex AI will also offer free access to Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision with the same rate limits until general availability early next year.

Duet AI for Developers is available free until February 1, 2024, after which it will cost $19 per month. In addition, Duet AI in Security Operations is now generally available. It will be included as part of Google Cloud's Security Operations Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages.

On the other hand, Microsoft-owned GitHub announced that GitHub Copilot Chat will become generally available for both businesses and individuals in December as part of the current GitHub Copilot subscription.

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