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Intel reveals Microsoft-provided guidelines of making an AI PC

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Microsoft has been pushing hard for its AI PCs for months now, but nobody was still sure what it meant other than adding a Copilot button—a change in the keyboard after 30 years! It now looks like Intel just revealed what those requirements mean on paper.

Intel has begun outlining the specifications for OEMs to create these AI PCs. They should have an SoC, which will include a combination of the latest CPUs, GPUs, and, of course, an NPU (Neural Processing Unit). An NPU is a specialized processor designed to perform neural network operations (AI-related tasks like image recognition, speech, and video processing) much faster. AI PCs should also have Copilot and the Copilot Key as well.

Although we have seen such SoCs in laptops featuring AMD's Ryzen 7940 series chip, it's only the addition of the Copilot key, a novel component announced earlier this year, that will truly distinguish an AI PC under Microsoft's stringent criteria.

A photo outlining Microsofts requirements for an AI PC

Intel's Todd Lewellen, head of the PC ecosystem, told The Verge about Microsoft and Intel's aligned vision for the future of AI-powered PCs.

“From an Intel perspective our AI PC has Core Ultra and it has an integrated NPU because it is unlocking all kinds of new capabilities and functions in the AI space. We have great alignment with Microsoft, but there are going to be some systems out there that may not have the physical key on it but it does have our integrated NPU.”

Intel also recently announced its AI PC Developer Program, which will offer assistance to smaller developers looking to integrate AI features on these new Intel chips. What OEMs will get after meeting the AI PC requirements from Microsoft, however, is uncertain. Microsoft remains num whether PC makers will get any potential incentives. However, we have seen the Redmond company apply AI PC branding to its latest Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business devices.

With so many questions and not many answers, we hope Microsoft will outline more information about its vision for AI-powered devices on May 20th, at its dedicated AI event, a day before it starts Build 2024 in Seattle.

Source: The Verge

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