Logitech wants to be cool; launches new design-oriented Logi brand

Logitech is probably best known for its PC peripherals which represent the company’s core business. But, starting today, Logitech is launching a sub-brand called Logi, a more colorful, personal and experimental brand that’s focused on design.

The company’s rebranding represents part of their effort to become more than just a peripherals company, albeit one that has seen a lot of success in this field. Unfortunately, Logitech doesn’t exactly say what their future products might entail though the press release does mention experimental and Internet of Things products.

The new Logi brand will be very focused on design, creating a single chain of production with a unitary vision from the product itself to the packaging, marketing and user experience. Logi will also feature colors that 'pop' in an effort to appear more friendly and personal in the drab world of electronics. And if that sounds a bit familiar, it’s because the company is staffed by lots of ex-Nokia designers and engineers, who know the value of beautiful technology.

While this sounds very conceptual for now, we’ll be looking forward to trying upcoming Logi products and seeing if they truly stand out in the market.

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