No SDK for Borderlands 2, but PC mods still wanted

Gearbox Software's Borderlands was released in 2009 without a SDK for the PC version. However, mod makers still came up with a number of modifications for the sci-fi first person shooter-RPG. Gearbox is taking the same route for mod support for its upcoming sequel, Borderlands 2. reports that during the UK-based Rezzed event this weekend, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford said that the team thought about releasing a mod SDK for the first Borderlands after the game was launched. In the end, that idea was abandoned because, according to Pitchford, community members had already started hacking into the game's files and made mods without a formal SDK.

He added that in terms of mod support for the sequel, "The best thing we could do for the community was get to work on Borderlands 2. Imagine if we’d spend a year working on an SDK for BL2." He hopes that the game's community will hack into the files of the PC version and make their own mods just as they did for the original Borderlands.

As we mentioned earlier, people who have the original game and still have their save game files installed will be able to unlock some exclusive character heads and skins for Borderlands 2 when it is released on September 18th.


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