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Rumour: Fable 4 in development, possibly by creators of Forza Horizon

One of the most beloved franchises in Xbox history may be coming back, if a new report is to be believed. In an even more interesting twist, the revival of the Fable series may be led by none other than Playground Games, the studio behind the Forza Horizon games.

Earlier this week, a self-proclaimed leaker on the ResetEra forums, Klobrille, suggested he had access to internal systems at Microsoft via an Xbox Live API, giving him a look at upcoming titles from the company. Among other news pertaining to games like Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Age of Empires 4, and even a surprise Perfect Dark game, Klobrille referred to a game set in Albion, with the project name Wisdom.

Albion is, of course, the name of the land in which the Fable games are set. After the famous cancellation of Fable Legends, the franchise was put on the backburner for quite some time by Microsoft, though it may seem that the myriad pleas by fans have now been heard and the company is looking to revitalise what is one of the most iconic franchises in the Xbox family.

Furthermore, Klobrille suggested the game was being developed in the UK. While this is still unverified information from a single individual, a former Lead Engine Programmer at Lionhead Studios, Don Williamson, chimed in to speculate on where the game was being developed - the tweet has now been deleted. He also confirmed in a follow-up query that no studio in the Brighton area had the resources for the project, excluding Electric Square from the running.

From among the other studios in the UK that are associated with Microsoft, WCCFTech believes Playground Games, the developers of the Forza Horizon series, was most likely the studio tapped by Microsoft to run with the fourth installment in the Fable series.

While an action RPG may be a stark departure from making car games, the studio has already confirmed it's building an open-world RPG, and has also hired talent behind RPG icons like GTA V and Metal Gear Solid.

It's all conjecture and speculation at this point and must be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but there is certainly enough smoke there to suggest something might be in the works. Klobrille was also able to glean some internal information using similar methods back in 2016, so there may be some truth to his claims, after all.

Source: WCCFTech via VG247

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