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Sea of Thieves next feature update has deeper ship customizations, fog, and more

Just a couple of weeks ago Rare announced that it is moving away from weekly Sea of Thieves updates to give the studio time to fix issues and focus more on the content side of things. In today's developer update video, executive producer Joe Neate was back with some news regarding what the studio is planning for the game's next content update.

While only a few tidbits regarding the update, called Shrouded Spoils, was revealed today, its full contents will be unveiled with a trailer when its November release draws nearer. The update is described as a "collection of features and content" that were developed after listening to community feedback and suggestions.

One of the major additions that were teased was expanded ship customizations, where players will be able to bling out even the wheel, cannons, and other parts of vessels to be even more fearsome but stylish pirates.

Fog is also incoming as a new mechanic. This new weather phenomenon can roll in at any location, on islands as well as on the seas. As expected, visibility will be lowered heavily when in fog, but this will also make the crows nest a much more useful position to be in, as it will give players an overview of what's around them. It seems even the sound incoming from outside sources will be dampened when sailing in fog, making every creak and groan of the ship more noticeable.

Pirate Legend exclusive Commendations are incoming with Shrouded Spoils as well, as a response to high-level players' feedback. Shrouded Spoils doesn't have a specific release date attached to it yet, but November is when it will be deploying.

For discussing Sea of Thieves updates planned past the Shrouded Spoils update, Rare will be present live on the Inside Xbox stream at the new X018 event on November 10. The studio will also be revealing a trailer for an unannounced update that sounds like will change up the game quite a bit. However, as a result of the new additions being dramatic, the amount of Pioneer testing needed will also go up.

Don't forget that before all this, the Festival of the Damned Bilge Rats Adventure update for Sea of Thieves is arriving next week on October 31.

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