Five arrested over 'Anonymous' DDoS attacks

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Five males have been taken into custody this morning, after their attacks against websites like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amazon. The massive online group called 'Anonymous' was successful in disrupting service to the websites, all...


WikiLeaks rival to launch next week

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could soon find himself under attack from an unlikely source, with reports WikiLeaks ''defectors'' are planning to launch a rival whistleblower site as early as next week. Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports...


Paypal releases Wikileaks funds

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In the midst of various DDOS attacks, Paypal has moved to release Wikileaks' funds from it's account, after it was suspended late last week for a breach of the sites Terms of Service. AllthingsD reports that...


Anonymous takes up the fight for WikiLeaks

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Members of infamous hacker group Anonymous have reportedly taken up WikiLeaks' cause, launching denial of service attacks on a range of sites connected to founder Julian Assange. According to Ars Technica, Anonymous has attacked sites including...


Wikileaks lose their domain name

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The DNS Company who provided the controversial Wikileaks with its domain name have decided to cut off their affiliation, effectively leaving Wikileaks with no domain name. The news comes as last week Wikileaks published 250,000 confidential...


WikiLeaks slams Amazon over dumping

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Whistleblower site WikiLeaks has lashed out at its former hosting provider, Amazon, after the site was booted from the company's servers. Neowin reported yesterday that WikiLeaks had moved to Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform following the...


Wikileaks loses Amazon home

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Just yesterday, the controversial site WikiLeaks that is leaking US Government intelligence, was reported to have been a victim of Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Sunday, and that they would then move to Amazon's...


WikiLeaks: China was behind 2009 Google hack

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Cyber attacks which led Google to cease censoring search results in China were ''directed'' by the Chinese Politburo, according to diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks. According to The New York Times, among some 251,287 confidential communications...


Microsoft demands take-down of leaked "spy guide"

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Whistleblowing site Cryptome has landed itself in trouble with Microsoft legal for publishing the software company's “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook.” The handbook, dated March 2008, is a 22-page guide that describes the surveillance services Microsoft offers...

Wikileaks Allowed to Reopen

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On Friday, citing First Amendment concerns and questions about legal jurisdiction, U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White dropped the injunction that took Wikileaks.org, a website which anonymously publishes leaks of sensitive corporate and government documents....

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