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Windows 11 is getting a built-in QR code generator

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Microsoft typically adds the most exciting new features to Windows 11 Canary and Dev builds before they head "downstream" to more stable channels like Beta or Release Preview. However, today is a rare exception. Build 22635.3420, which was just released for testing in the Beta Channel, introduces a built-in QR code generator to make sharing links and files easier.

Starting with Windows 11 build 22635.3420, users can click a special button next to the "Copy Link" one to generate a QR code when sharing files or links. The change will make transferring things from a computer to a phone a lot easier, especially if you own an iPhone, which is less friendly to Windows PCs than Android smartphones with their feature-rich Phone Link integration.

beta channel 226353420 screenshots

You can try the new QR code generator by updating to the latest Beta Channel and then clicking "Windows share options" in Microsoft Edge.

Users will be able to now generate QR codes for URLs and cloud file links through the Windows share window to seamlessly share webpages and files across their devices. To try this out in Microsoft Edge, just click the share button in the Edge toolbar and choose “Windows share options”.

A built-in QR code generator is not the only improvement Windows 11's Share dialog is getting with build 22635.3420. Microsoft changed how closing the dialog works to prevent accidental dismisses. Now, to get rid of the Share UI, you have to click the close button at the top-right corner.

To prevent accidentally closing the Windows share window, clicking outside the Windows share window will no longer close it. To close the Windows share window, just press the close button at the top right corner.

You can learn more about other changes in Windows 11 build 22635.3420 in our separate article.

Speaking of QR codes, Microsoft recently introduced the ability to scan QR codes using the built-in Camera app to join Wi-Fi networks. And if you happen to need to share one, the Settings app also lets you share a password with a QR code.

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beta channel 226353420 screenshots
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