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Alleged Pixel 7a teardown reveals what's inside the unreleased device

Google Pixel 7a teardown

A new video uploaded to YouTube shows an alleged teardown of the unreleased Google Pixel 7a. Google revealed a few days back that the device will officially arrive on the market on May 11. However, there have been multiple occasions already when the features and specifications of the Pixel 7a showed up on the internet.

In the video by PBKreviews, the presenter can be seen taking the device apart in a step-by-step manner, uncovering various hardware components starting with the NFC antenna and the wireless charging coil. It is further revealed that the battery installed on the device is 4,385mAh, coinciding with the previous rumors. However, the presenter notes that the other side of the battery mentions the capacity as 4,344mAh.

After dismantling the screen, more hardware components are revealed, including the in-display fingerprint sensor and the main circuit board which features a 64MP primary camera, 13MP ultra-wide, and a 13MP front camera. Here, the presenter moves the lens to show that the optical image stabilization is only present on the primary lens.

They also note that the USB-C charging port is soldered to the main board, making it difficult to repair. They also give the device a reparability score of 7.5 out of 10. While the device is due for a release around the same time as Google I/O 2023, it is rumored that Pixel 7a might be the last of its breed and expected to cost more than its predecessor Pixel 6a. Google will also reveal its much-awaited Pixel Fold in the coming week.

Via Android Authority

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