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ChatGPT's login-less version reportedly spotted in beta on Android

ChatGPT website on a mobile browser
Source: Sanket Mishra/Pexels

It is reported that the instant version of ChatGPT could soon make its way to mobile devices. Android Authority spotted the feature on ChatGPT (beta) v1.2024.136 for Android, which allows users to start talking to the AI chatbot without creating an account.

OpenAI traditionally required users to use ChatGPT by creating an OpenAI account or signing in with their Google, Apple, or Microsoft account. The company announced last month that users can talk to ChatGPT instantly for free without an account.

OpenAI noted several benefits of having an account, "including the ability to save and review your chat history, share chats, and unlock additional features like voice conversations and custom instructions."

However, not having to log in with an account makes it easier and quicker for people to use ChatGPT, especially those who waited for a dedicated search engine from OpenAI that would rival Google.

OpenAI said last month that the login-less version of ChatGPT is rolling out "gradually". Now, the publication expects that while the feature was spotted on the Android version, it will be available to both Android and iOS in the coming future.

Users can opt out of having their conversations used to improve ChatGPT and OpenAI models. However, the login-less version of the chatbot won't let them upload images. This functionality, available with the GPT-4o model, requires the users to sign in with their free or premium accounts.

OpenAI made a platter of announcements last week at its Spring Updates event. In addition to GPT-4o, it showcased a new ChatGPT app for macOS and AI voices. However, OpenAI has decided to temporarily pull the plug on one of its AI voices that sounds a lot like Scarlett Johansson, who famously voiced an AI assistant in the film Her.

ChatGPT now supports cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive and provides interactive tools for data analysis. The chatbot can also pull content from Reddit posts as part of a partnership between the two companies.

Source: Android Authority

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