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ChatGPT app launches for Apple Vision Pro

A 3D ChatGPT logo

The popular generative AI bot ChatGPT is now available for Apple's spatial computing device, Vision Pro. Its maker, OpenAI, announced that you can find the ChatGPT app on the visionOS App Store.

The chatbot is already available for iPhone and iPad as an app; you can also access it via a web browser. According to VentureBeat, ChatGPT on the Apple Vision Pro is powered by OpenAI's latest large language model (LLM) called GPT 4 Turbo.

ChatGPT for Vision Pro

ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm since its inception in November 2022. You can provide input prompts to the chatbot to ask questions, create diet plans, do grammar checks, get advice, research topics, and more.

It understands natural language queries and answers questions accordingly while maintaining context awareness when you ask a series of questions. However, the features offered by the chatbot might depend on whether you're using the free version or ChatGPT Plus.

Initially text-only, OpenAI added more input modes to ChatGPT, such as voice and images, so you can speak to the chatbot instead of typing out your queries. With a feature called GPTs, you can create custom versions of ChatGPT that are more suited to your specific tasks.

ChatGPT is one among the 600 new apps and games Apple said will be available for Vision Pro at the time of launch. The mixed reality headset also supports over one million apps from iPad.

Vision Pro is a new category of hardware for Apple, and you need to take some extra precautions while cleaning the headset. Like other devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, Vision Pro may also adjust its performance in some cases, Apple said.

While the headset might be a head-turner, it has its limitations. For instance, if you live outside the US, you can't buy the headset and use it in your country. If it gets lost or stolen, you can't track Apple Vision Pro using Find My on another device or iCloud website.

Major streaming players such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube have reportedly turned a blind eye towards the headset. As of now, their streaming apps are not available for Vision Pro, although a developer came up with their workaround for YouTube.

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