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NVIDIA teases CES 2024 RTX 40 Super launch: RTX 4080, 4070 Ti, and 4070 Super incoming

NVIDIA has begun teasing its upcoming RTX 4000 series discrete GPUs which are expected to be unveiled at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2024 on January 8th. If early information is to be believed, the tech giant is likely going to unveil a trio of new Super GPUs: the RTX 4080 Super, the 4070 Ti Super, and the 4070 Super. The company updated its cover photo on the NVIDIA GeForce official Facebook page about an hour ago to start building the hype.

Nvidia new cover photo update for upcoming RTX 40 series

In case you need a refresher, NVIDIA introduced its "Super" branding with the 20-series where it bumped up the CUDA core count and VRAM amount (on some) of the existing SKUs. It was a mid-generation refresh instead of an architectural uplift but nonetheless, the new GPUs proved to be a hit among gamers.

The idea behind the upcoming RTX 40 series is similar. NVIDIA's 40-series, built on the Ada Lovelace architecture, is more efficient than what AMD has to offer with its RX 7000 series (RDNA 3). However, AMD has it beat when it comes to VRAM capacity department.

Most of NVIDIA's 40 series has less VRAM than one would expect at that price point as the company has decided to stick to just using 8GB on its RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti series, which comes in at a rather expensive $300 and $400 respectively, and the 16GB 4060 Ti was priced $100 more at $500. The same was the case with the 4070 Ti as well as the $800 card had a meager 12GB frame buffer, compared to its competing AMD card, the 7900 XT, having 20GB, which is nearly 67% more memory.

Most of the tech press including Neowin criticized NVIDIA for this and the public too wasn't too happy. As a response, the company is rumored to be bumping up the memory capacity and interface on the RTX 5000 series. Meanwhile, an immediate upgrade is reportedly coming in the form of the RTX 4000 Super series. The 4070 Ti Super is expected to feature 16GB and the CUDA Core numbers are also apparently going up to 8448, up from 7680 on the non-Super.

The 4080 Super, meanwhile, is expected to still have 16GB. The GPU will purportedly have 10240 CUDA cores, up from 9728 on the vanilla non-Super. Finally, the 4070 Super is expected to see the biggest bump in terms of CUDA cores as it will seemingly pack 7168 cores. The non-Super 4070 has 5888.

In terms of availability, the cards could commence filling store shelves and online marketplaces starting January 17th.

Source and image: NVIDIA (Facebook)

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