WWDC 2014: What to expect

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Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference starts on Monday, June 2nd with a keynote introducing new Apple products. The event is about software so we'll likely see new version of iOS and OS X.

Apple iPad 2.0 rumor roundup

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Apple's iPad has been nothing short of a blockbuster success. It created a tablet craze that other manufactures are working feverishly to try and bite into to take a small chunk of the emerging market....


PDC 2008 Roundup

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Microsoft's PDC conference finished late last week. In case you didn't manage to follow us daily or wanted an overview of the weeks news, I have put together a list of the best things to...


NVIDIA 3-Way SLI review roundup

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No use kidding around: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 3-Way SLI kicks benchmark ass. Reviewers across the board found the setup to be far and away the best money can buy when it comes to graphics, but...

April Fools Roundup

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If you can't beat them, join them – or in this case, umm, compile a list of URLs? It's April 1, 2007 and a Sunday at that, meaning the particularly slow news day has turned...

CES Home Theater Remote Roundup

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Powerful and innovative home theater remotes were everywhere at this year's CES, with companies like Open Peak, Philips, Portal Player, and Synaptics showing off some interesting new concepts that help bring together the diverse devices...


Wednesday's Review Roundup

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Another dose of hardware reviews cometh. Video Cards & Displays ASUS EN6800GT and EN6800 Ultra Benchmarks at | ATI All-in-Wonder X800XT at The Tech Report VisionTek XTASY Theater...


Tuesday's Review Roundup

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Another daily installment of reviews for you tech-heads. Video Cards & Displays GeCube RADEON X800XLA-VIVO 256MB AGP at | Sapphire Radeon X850 Pro PCIe at Hot Hardware ...


Monday's Review Roundup

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Today is the first posting of our "review roundups" here at Neowin. As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts, as well as any suggestions you might have. Video Cards &...


Hardware Review Roundup

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Soyo P4I875P Dragon2 Canterwood Motherboard Review has taken a look at the Soyo P4I875P Dragon2 Canterwood Motherboard. Here is a snippit: "Through my testing of this particular motherboard, the system...

VIA KT400 Motherboard Roundup

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Explosive Labs has completed a roundup on 3 VIA KT400 based motherboards. Here is an excerpt: In July of this year, VIA technologies unveiled to the market its Apollo KT400 chipset...

Hardware Reviews Roundup

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Unibrain FireNAS Portable 480GB Server Review "A good mate of mine was more interested in it after I showed him the specifications, as he is someone in the networking industry, and really appreciates...

Hardware Roundup

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IWILL KK400 Series with DDR400, AGP8x and Serial ATA "High-end motherboard manufacturer, IWILL Corporation, launches its latest Socket A platform motherboard, KK400 series. KK400 series, with VIA KT400 chipset, support DDR 400/333/266...

BIG(!) Gaming Roundup

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Thanks to my good friend ooo_h for all this great information - v kind. 1. Beta testing for Empire Earth (the new version) has started, and the link to that website is...

.Net Roundup

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A related item to Voodoo's MS takes .NET to Oracle post. Microsoft announce another step forward in broadening the appeal of .Net whilst Gates admits that things haven't all been plain sailing...

MacWorld coverage roundup

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Thanks Benson for sending this in. Here are a collection of reports on MacWorld covered by media giant C|Net who generally appears to lean towards anything non-microsoft related so expect shining reports! As...

PC2700 DDR333 Roundup

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Tweakers Australia has put 5 sticks of high quality DDR333 and DDR266 to the test in their latest article, DDR Memory Performance Roundup. The article explores the performance each stick has to offer in synchronous...

DDR Memory Performance Roundup

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Cheers Brad of Tweakers Australia for mailing me about their putting 5 sticks of high quality DDR333 and DDR266 to the test in their latest article, DDR Memory Performance Roundup. The article explores the performance...

Article: Defragger Roundup

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NeoWin thanks Greg Hard (MasterMind) for this review of Defrag Programs for Windows. The major players in this arena, Diskeeper, Norton's Speed Disk, O&O Defrag, and Perfect Disk are reviewed, giving the...

GeForce 3 Roundup

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Thanks NTCompatible for this, well yet another round-up of the famed GeForce is making the rounds, this time at VIA Hardware, they look at the price, performance and its features. When Nvidia...

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