Microsoft Apps coming soon to Symbian

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Anticipation for Nokia's first Windows Phone may be high, but Microsoft is doing its bit for the Symbian platform too, as Nokia announces that it's bringing 'Microsoft Apps' to its sidelined platform.


Nokia publishes Symbian source code

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The popular Nokia-maintained mobile operating system, Symbian, now finds itself open after Nokia decided to publish the most recent master source code. In a post on the Symbian website, Nokia says it is "making the...


Nokia "Plan-B" was just a hoax

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When the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft was announced earlier this week, there was a mix of emotions. There was a lot of negative feedback about the deal from investors, engineers and even loyal Nokia...


Nokia 'reabsorbs' Symbian

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It’s been just 18 months since Nokia first set the Symbian foundation free under a non-profit banner, and now it looks like Symbian is coming home. The move won’t surprise many, especially with the recent...

Rivals thwart Nokia's bid for Symbian control

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Nokia's attempt to win a majority stake in Symbian has been blocked by three fellow shareholders that have increased their holdings in the company. Symbian announced Wednesday that Panasonic, Sony Ericsson and...

Nokia faces challenge to Symbian purchase

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Symbian shareholders are considering blocking a move by mobile handset manufacturer Nokia to take a majority stake in the UK-based mobile phone software company. Psion has agreed to sell its 31.1pc stake in Symbian to...

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