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The Internet, an arbiter of peace?

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World peace is a complicated construct. It's shaped by what we think we have learned from history. It's a noble aim for anyone who tries to achieve it. We know that human nature will always...


The White House gets social

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Barack Obama successfully utilised new social web tools during his election campaign, to gain both support and fundraising. However, with only 3 updates on his official Twitter account since his inauguration many were wondering whether...


Scam warning: Obama 'stimulus checks' for you!

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Caveat emptor--buyer beware! Before President Obama even signed the recent economic stimulus package into law, scam sites were thrown up and spam emails spewed forth offering unsuspecting punters the chance to submit their personal information...


Obama launches Recovery.gov

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Obama has used technology like no other president in the past. From his YouTube addresses to websites, he is always embracing technology rather than resisting it. With the signing of the "The...


The new Whitehouse.gov

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Shortly prior to Obama's inauguration the official White House website was updated with a new layout and new features. Already seen has been the new administration implement Change.gov which was widely met with satisfaction amongst...


Obama pushes to delay DTV

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President-elect Barrack Obama is preparing to delay the switch over from analog to digital as one of his first duties as president, stating that many Americans are not ready for the switch. The cut...


Obama's new 'Change.gov'

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It would seem that President-Elect Barack Obama has already started to usher in change. Today marks the launch of a new website which seems to have the goal of merging the gap between citizen and...


Obama gets backing of Google CEO

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Chief Executive Eric Schmidt will hit the campaign trail this week on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama The Wall Street Journal reports. The Google chief said in an interview that "I'm doing this...

Obama Voices Support for ODF

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ODF supporters are welcoming presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama's promise to put government data online in universally accessible formats should he be elected. "We have to use technology to open up our democracy. It's no...

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