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Apple Vision Pro doesn't support Bluetooth mice

Apple Vision Pro Find My

Find My location tracking isn't the only unsupported feature on Apple's latest spatial computing device. In a support document about Bluetooth devices and accessories compatible with Apple Vision Pro, the company mentions that the headset doesn't work with Bluetooth mice.

Apple says that Vision Pro is compatible with "most Bluetooth keyboards made by Apple and other manufacturers," and it works with the Apple Magic Trackpad as well. However, it adds that the headset won't work with older Apple keyboards and trackpads that use removable batteries.

Vision Pro's primary navigation system relies on eye tracking and hand gestures to interact with UI elements. For instance, you can focus your eyes on a particular item and tap your thumb and index finger together to select it.

The headset tracks your hand with its outward-facing cameras. Apple recommends that you should use the device in a well-lit environment and keep the cover glass clean. The Cupertino giant assures that Vision Pro's cameras are wide enough to detect hand gestures even when your hands are resting on your lap, as long as they're visible to the cameras. Therefore, there is no need to keep them up in the air, which might cause discomfort. Still, the headset may have trouble detecting gestures if you wear long sleeves, gloves, or large jewelry covering a significant part of your hand.

With that said, there might be some cases where you need to rely on a mouse cursor. It can be helpful when mirroring a Mac screen, whose operating system and software are primarily designed to work with a keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

While a trackpad can offer the comfort of seamless app switching and multi-touch gestures, an external mouse could be considered a better option when it comes to speed and productivity.

Apart from that, the headset supports a wide range of other Bluetooth accessories, including all current models of AirPods and Beats headphones, MFi-certified gaming controllers, and MFi-certified hearing devices.

Apple Vision Pro went on sale this week in the US with a starting price of $3,499 and support for hundreds of apps and games. You can find Vision Pro-compatible apps from popular names like Microsoft, ChatGPT, and Star Trek.

The headset features two oversized lightning connectors for internal use, with one present in its external battery pack. Repair guide website iFixit has released a teardown video of the headset, giving a fresh look at its complex internal components.

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